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How long before your showing class must you start to warm up?

How long before your showing class must you start to warm up?
Just do your normal warm-up routine, how long that takes you. I go in about 10 minutes early to warm up my horse, check my tack and make sure everything is good.
10 rounds before mine every time
I am in the warm up
it completely depends on your horse; factors like its level of fitness and mental state at the time are key points to take into consideration. it's important not to tire your horse out mentally or physically. I never ever exceed a ten minute warm up (not counting walk breaks and loose walking) before each class. I also think it's good to have at least a minute of relaxed walk before entering the ring after your warm up so they have a small mental break between work to unwind and be fresh minded and listening in the ring.
Anytime xxx
Thank you Sara it really helps because I’m still new to horse riding and still trying to find out all the pros and cons.
If I'm on towards the end of the class, I get on when the first rider of my class is showing. If I'm at the beginning, I tend to get on in the middle of the previous class. I leave a good 20-30 minutes to warm up and make sure the horse is relaxed. Hope this helps xx