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Any tips on training an OTTB?

Any tips on training an OTTB?
Have patience
Straightness Training!! It will also help build a really strong bond between the two of you 😀
Watch Jet Eventing on YouTube she has worked with many and is very entertaining to watch 😊
Patience, and relaxation. The more uptight you are, the more high strung they’ll be. Take the training slow and really set them up for success. It’s all 100% worth it!!!!
lots & lots of patience, understanding, and humor! good luck it's one interesting ride❤️
Patience, take it slow and don't give up up. Be consistent and remember horses learn from release of pressure not pressure ! Also look up the pareli personality types. I personally am Not a Huge Fan of everything pareli but there personality types are spot on and help to understand your horse
a few weeks time off (especially if they're straight off the track), lots and lots of patience, & ground poles