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How do I improve my jumping position? It's so stiff and rigid. :)

How do I improve my jumping position? It's so stiff and rigid. :)
Practice trotting and cantering in your possision you want 😊
Keep your 2 point with your hands out in the air and hold it for as long as you can. Try to keep flexible ankles😉
Yea, I had the same issue! I had to start from the bottom, I went back to the basics and focused on my position in flat and did small jumps to help with keeping my chest up and heels down but not looking stiff. Then work yourself back up, it’s a process but the end results are great! 😁
Thank you so much that was very helpful:))
sometimes you have to go back to flat work and do some exercises to open your hips, make yourself sit on your seat bones so then you are more supple and able to use your core muscles to stay relaxed and go with your horse's movement.
Standing in your stirrups in all paces will help you remain balance and get your leg in the right position and put more weight on your heals. This will put your leg on which will make your horse more resposive to it and your horse will be more willing to positevily approach the fence. Standing up and folding to the jumping position during trot without sitting down will help your legs become stronger and you will be able to carry your weight during the jump.
Remember that during apprach you sit and push (not rush) your horse forward so then then your horse is using its hind quarters to extend their strides and make the jump go smoothly.
As the horse is taking off you have to raise your butt a bit, keep your knees bended and put your upper body a bit lower (just go with the movement), let your horse stretch its neck because this is the part of horses body that they use to balance and safely land. If you feel unbalanced its better to grab the mane to help yourself than get hold of the reins.
Pay attention whether youre folding or standing up during the jump. Its important that you dont stand up becasue you will put more weight on horses front which might cause them feeling a bit unbalanced and unsure about the rider.
Short your stirrups a hole or two to help yourself (usually people that jump want their leg to have 90 degrees bended) It might feel uncomfortabe when youre doing flat work at first but trust me it will help during jumping.
Jumping position does not change the riders position in the saddle, you always stay in the middle on horses back and the saddle, its just your boom that goes a bit back and your shoulders go lower. You should not go too far back or too far forward as it will affect the balance and the whole performance :D ;)
Thank you :)
Make sure your legs bend and you relax a little. Your weight should be in your feet