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Experiences, opinions and thoughts on feeding Copra?

Experiences, opinions and thoughts on feeding Copra?
love it its great fiber and amazing for horses who struggle to maintain weight also notably improves overall condition like coat shine and is good for growing youngsters too. just make sure the brand is decent and that the feed in the bag is consistent texture and size - not too dusty neither chunky - if its chunky take it back and complain as I've heard bad copra can be particularly dangerous. but yeah as long as its sufficient quality and you follow the directions carefully and don't leave the soaked feed in the sun or for long periods then its really great stuff. I've feed it for years and never had an issue.
Great stuff 👌🏻
Good stuff. I fed my showjuper to put more condition on him and it did the job without blowing his brain. Improved stamina as well I think