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What do you think about hock injections?

What do you think about hock injections?
I think they are perfectly safe and work well. My horse had them about a year ago and has been jumping so well ever since!
I think they are fine! (In moderation of course!!) My pony got hock in jections a couple of times before show seasons and it helped her a lot!
My horse gets hock injections when necessary and it’s helped him with his performance. It’s kept him comfortable and feeling good. We have a good vet too, so if it’s necessary and done properly, why not?
I think it’s a great thing if you get them regularly, some horses do a lot better with them than others. My guy is due soon!
If administered by a knowledgeable vet and used as part of a maintenance routine they can be amazing! But they need to be used under the correct guidance. Not all horses need them and some lameness may show up similar signs to that of arthritic changes in the hock. It is also vital that the horses supplements and work are tailored to make the most of the added help a jock injection can give and the horse is looked after in the correct way.
Can be very effective, but needs to be done as directed by vet. It’s something you add in as you would for Supplements it’s rputime based.
They work wonders but you need to get them routinely done not just when you horse NEEDS them.
A lot of times it's seen as just 'maintenance work and not a really big deal in a lot of people's eyes, but it is pretty expensive. A lot of horses that compete get it or older horses to keep them in work. It's just a quick fix kind of thing that won't really solve anything. If you are looking to buy, just don't buy a horse that needs them. Younger horses should never need them. If they do then they are clearly overworked and you should keep away. Older horses may need them, but in the end, it's your decision whether u want it for your horse and if u have the finance to back it up. It could be thousands of dollars extra a year for the injections and keeping the horse comfortable.
Different veterinarians use different “cocktails “ in the injection. If the injection decreases inflammation and allows your horse to heal, they can be a great treatment. If all they do is mask the pain, allowing the horse to do himself more damage then it gets you nowhere. Talk to your vet about what they are injecting and why. I had hock injections for my boy and it has really helped him.
i personally do not like them simply because it doesnt solve the problem at all, it just numbs it. and the numbing will go away so in the end you end up spending more time and effor on the injections than if you would have done something to fix it :)
If your horse is in hard work and needs them then they can be really good, but they don’t always last very long. If you are having to inject hocks say every 3 months to keep a horse in gentle hacking Work then it probably is not worth it andbis not great for the animal!
There really good for horses
i dont see any issue with them. my mare gets hock injections
Something to remember about injections is that they don't last. I don't believe injections should be used as a quick fix. If you are going to inject your horses hocks you need to look at it like you are getting him stronger while he is pain free and comfortable. Then hopefully he will be able to properly use himself and get strong while those injections last. Once they wear off though then hopefully it will have paid off and he won't need another round of injections. This is just my opinion though, do as your veterinarian thinks best
Awesome. If your horse needs them no reason not to do them. Hock injections help with the fluid in their hocks. Your horse makes you happy. Keep them happy and get it done!