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Exercises to get a horse (bitless) collected?

Exercises to get a horse (bitless) collected?
Transitions, up & down the paces helps to engage the core muscles (with or without a bit!) and so develop the correct outline. A horse learns by the release of "pressure", for example, someone pulling on the bit to create an outline. Once the horse reaches the correct position i.e. not over bent, make it a "nice place to go" for the horse so that it understands that this is the place you need him to be. Then, when he comes out of the desired outline, gently take up contact again... and release when you get what you want. Most people want to be at the finish before they have started. So remember, its like you starting alley or gymnastics - its going to take a while for him to develop the correct muscles! When you get an improvement, stop there & do something else, then come come back to it another time. My partner works his horse from the ground, without a bit, without a saddle & without a halter and through transitioning up & down she now has a beautiful outline, which proves its not all about brute force. Good luck, and enjoy your horse!
You can’t get a horse truly connected through the back without a bit (I️ here) You want your horse to stretch down and out, seeking the bit before you bring their head up. Otherwise your just cramming them into a fake frame.
The exact same way as with a bit. Impulse, engaging the hindquarters and bending exercises will help to get the horse to relax and go in a frame, with or without a bit in your bridle 😊 of course there is a different way of turning and half halts with for example a hackamore or rope halter, but chin/cheek crossed bridles or even just reins tied onto a noseband are in general used the same way as a bit and suitable for dressage with a light constant pressure.
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collection has nothing to do with the head; it all comes from the hind which is not affected if you dont use a bit or use a bit
Your question intruiged me as I dont know the answer so I did some research and I think you'll find your answer in this nicely written article 😉😉