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Do you have any advice to keep my horse healthy throughout the year?

Do you have any advice to keep my horse healthy throughout the year?
Keep them in a good riding routine that won’t make them work, just exercise
don't switch their diets up too much,try to keep them on the same grain and hay unless there is something bad about it. and excercise, flatting really helps
It's important to have hooves done regularly, annual dentist visit, a good worming rotation, vet when required and to feed a balanced diet according to your horses individual needs, as well as regular exercise, grooming and love.

It's much like ensuring we stay healthy.
Good feed. Good hay.
Besides routine vet (teeth, sheath, vaccinations, etc) and farrier (5-6 weeks) care. There are several things that keep horses healthy.
1. Routine exercise: working on something a bit different each ride. Variations in footing help keep the horse conditioned for all types of footing.
2. Diet: Feed quality grain, grass hay (free fed) and alfalfa hay. If needed supplement with rice bran or beet pulp. A daily electrolyte or salt to keep them hydrated and prevent colic. A omega 3 supplement is a great idea for horses with coat or hoof issues.
3. Joint health: giving routine IM injections like Adequan are helpful in reducing and preventing arthritis. Also, giving direct joint injections are helpful for horses with a heavy workload. It’s a good idea to have your vet perform a yearly lameness exam and see which joints could use an injection.
4. Turnout or Walking: horses should do a lot of walking so either a hot walker, handwalk, or adequate turnout is important.
5. Traveling and Showing: these are stressful situations for horses give paste electrolytes for travel, and ulcer guard days leading up and throughout travel.
6. Listen to your vet!....not your farrier, not your friend not your trainer. Have the vet be the start and finish of your horses well being. Have the vet instruct you, your farrier, trainer etc on everything
Feed according to workload, height, weight e.g, occasional vet and farrier checks, exercise and turnout!
Just vet checks once in a while ❤️
supplements, exercise, vet and farrier checks
Some suplemets, just general care
I feed equibites supplement it’s in treat form but I put in her feed, 10 little treats a day balances her vitamins and minerals without all the extra stuff she doesn’t need, super cheap too as a 10kg bag is £18 at my local tack shop and lasts forever!!!
If you compete a lot, always look into muscle relaxation medications, they prevent your horse from having muscle injury, also every 6 months I give a specific medicine for my mare that helps her muscles, her legs and makes her jump better, preventing any serious injury. Talk to your vet, there are many medicines you can give, vitamins that will make your horse health throughout the year.
Use a feed balancer for overall health. I recommend NAF 5*
Remember to be feeding it correctly according to its temperament, workload, weight and age. Make sure its a good quality food.
Keep your horse warm during winter by putting rugs on.
Do a proper warm up and cool off.
Exercise it reguraly.
Regular vet, dentist and farrier appointments.