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Do you eat a certain way because of being an equestrian?

Do you eat a certain way because of being an equestrian?
Yes, I balance my meals so that I don't gain weight. I think of the horse's back... Must be tough to carry a heavy rider if it isn't the right build. Since I only ride light horses (especially OTTBs and Camargue horses at the moment) I try to be the most comfortable for them. I also work out to stay fit and keep my legs strong for horse-riding.
Junk food because I hardly ever have time to eat properly!
Luckily i can binge and eat all I want and not put on weight. BUT once I started working as a groom and rider at a grand prix dressage yard I had to look for food that was going to give me sustainable energy with high calories but low low sugar otherwise I would burn out before lunch. Also drink heaps of water, not fizzy or energy drinks. When staying at a 3+ day competition though, try and plan good healthy dinners but during the day eat what you feel when you feel, even if it's Maccas on the drive home haha!
It’s important to just eat healthy, not specifically on a diet but not just eating junk food all day.
Some days I eat tons of veggies, lean meat and protein meal shakes. It makes up for the times a show takes all day and we drive the lorry through the drive at McDonald's 😂 it's all about balance.
I do. I dont eat anything like bread pasta or white rice. I'm trying to eat as less sugar as possible, and mainly meat, vegetables and dairy products. Helps with keeping fit.
Ha nope, if you are doing a lot of riding at a high level you might want to think about a healthy diet but otherwise I️ don’t think it matters much
Ahhaha I love this, but I feel like if I’m know I have a lot of showing that year I’ll eat little healthier than usually and workout a lot more, but if I just have a few shows/ off for a season I’ll just eat healthy but not too strict on it.