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What can I do if there are no areas or people available to teach for the discipline I want to do?

What can I do if there are no areas or people available to teach for the discipline I want to do?
I think if you did everything the best you can - the only thing you can really "screw" up is his muscle building, but, that changes all the time. And it's not a huge deal if he's relaxed. But I understand where you're coming from.
@roxflop thanks so much my biggest fear is screwing him up tho I would never hurt him of course I just don’t want to mess up too badly
Google, YouTube, other websites, articles, forums, blogs. Anything on the internet!
I've learned many things from watching and reading. Even how to teach piaffe. If you think of a "problem" with you horse, just google how to fix it. You'll get 59 different ways, and you just gotta try every one until one way works for you!
Don't be afraid to fail and don't worry if it's not working. There may be something that you needed to do before the thing you're trying to do and before you know it you'll have an "ah ha" moment and it'll all come together. Just keep trying and keep your patience. You can't do anything with a tense horse so don't get frustrated or whack him if he doesn't get something - even if he did it perfect yesterday!
Good luck and have fun. And never ever think you're not good enough.
@maliab thanks so much!
If you’re practicing certain movements, take notes from videos you watch, so you can use them and read them while you’re riding to ensure it’s correct. If you can’t do it then watch more videos or do more research and don’t keep repeating it if it isn’t working because you well then develop it incorrectly. If there is anyone around that can watch you and possibly see something wrong that would help. If not, you will have to take the iniciative to educate yourself and your horse. Hopefully you can get to some clinics soon. I wish you best of luck!
@maliaburger thanks! How can I be sure I’m not doing something wrong tho? I mean there’s very few clinics around are area and he and I could develop bad habits in between
There are really good websites and professional YouTube channels and videos that teach and I think you can subscribe to other video teachings as well if there are no instructors in your area. You can always go to clinics every once in awhile if they are further away to keep up your education
@colevaughters I don’t even go to a stable there’s none around, I juts live on a really big farm...
Change stables! If your can't improve your level in your favorite discipline, there is no other choice.