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Harry Allen won the Longines Rising Star Award at the ninth edition of the FEI Awards Gala 2017, how important do you think that his family background and the system around him are to his success and talent?

Harry Allen won the Longines Rising Star Award at the ninth edition of the FEI Awards Gala 2017, how important do you think that his family background and the system around him are to his success and talent?
Yes, because they already know the ins and outs of horses, plus they have horses. I’m looking to become a professional jumper one day and I know it will be a challenge because I started “late” and I don’t have my own horse yet.
It is definitely a massive help to have such great horses and support like he has, however natural talent is what sets the top riders apart from the riders that simply have money(and luck!) on their side, and you can definitely tell these two apart!
I think it’s easier to come from a horsey family when out competing. My family is not horsey and I’m not old enough to drive yet so I have to get my dad to take me competing on the weekends which takes lots of persuading so I don’t compete that often unlike other people at the yard who’s family is horsey and they are going out every weekend
In addition to @gandenklarsen response. I've started from scratch so to speak. Non horsey family I got a pig of a pony when I was 8 as dad wanted some land anyway.
Then when I was 15 I bought my second pony an unbroken 3yo. Broke her in myself and sold her on and have been breaking/training ever since to cover the costs while working at the same time.

My aim is Eventing and I've only just got a horse to jump 1m course and I'm now 22. I can't afford regular lessons or to have any sort of coach. But so lucky to have a career in the horse world and helpful parents who bail me out on unexpected vet bills.

So I guess why I wrote all that was to show a little light in my experience coming from a non horsey family.
Yes it is, unfortunately...
I personally come from a horse family, my aunt owns a show barn, but I do think it is possible when you don’t have a background of horses.
My aunt was pretty much the first horse person in my family to follow threw and have a barn of her own. Before that she had nothing, she saved money up and by the time she was 20 she could pay for board and a nice horse. She still has that horse. And they did great in everything. She ended up like champion in a show here in Texas. Along time ago, but she didn’t have money or a horse family with horses. She started from the ground up, she helped around the barn where she board to get lessons, she did pretty much everything you could do to own a horse, but not really.
She did meet and have opportunities that not everyone can get, but she got it by working and sacrificing things just to be a professional rider and have a barn.
I hope this makes since, let me put it out there I’m not bragging at all about her barn. There are plenty of other people with better barns and nicer ones. I’m just using it as an example as to, you can be a top level rider or own a barn, if you put everything you have to it! ❤️
i think it is much much easier to come from a horsey family. you are more likely to be surrounded by connections. . .nice facilities, well-known trainers, sometimes it’s just easier to get your name out there if you have these benefits from the get-go. i don’t come from a horsey family, so i really look to my trainer. . .my parents are exactly supportive of me w my horses, but my dad is all in financially (somehow). both routes you have to work your ass off, but in some cases w a horsey family, you’ll be better off and ahead. same w coming from a wealthy family vs. a standard family that barely affords the horse. just remember: EVERYONE’S SITUATION IS DIFFERENT.
Yeah as Olivia said. You also are generally more likely to have better horses and better facilities suitable to the task.
You still have to learn to ride well though, so that part isn't easier.
Yes of course because u already have people around u who are passionate and are interested in what u do. If you don't come from a horsey family and your parents take you to shows and try really hard for u to be there then u are very lucky. Harry Allen is also and an amazing rider.