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Opinion on supplements? Do you think they’re necessary to add to a healthy grain/hay diet? Why or why not?

Opinion on supplements? Do you think they’re necessary to add to a healthy grain/hay diet? Why or why not?
i dont give mine supplements. they dont get grain either, until winter when they need some extra fat. mine are out 24/7 on good grass & they get high quality hay in the winter with 24/7 access as well. mine are healthy & it shows in their coat, mane & tail, and performance. contact a vet to see if your horse is missing any nutrients, if he isnt then you dont need supplements. too much of something can be bad
Thank you!! I’m moving up with my horse but have two differing opinions on the matter being given to me. So this is really helpful!
In natural environment all horses ever needed was grass/hay/haylage. That was enough to meet their nutritional needs and to keep their digestive system going.
However, since people started riding them and asking more of them, grass might not be enough.
Depending on what kind of work your horse does, it will either need more or less of supplements.
Riding school horses might need more slow realise energy as they have 2 to 3 lessons a day and they're usually working with inexperienced people or children. Fibre cubes and sugar beet is probably enough for some of them.
However if there is a horse that competes it is not only going need supplements that will give energy but also other things like more minerals, vitamins, fats/oils, fibre, carbohydrates, proteins and so on. They need more of it to be able to perform better and to support their bones, joints, muscles and all their insides. If people fail to help their horses there will be some unpleasant short and long term consequences like lack of ability to perform and health problems like weak muscles, stress for a horse, weight loss, weak bones, tiredness and long term is for example short life.
It is important that the more we are asking of horses tge more support we need to provide them to help with health and performance.

Therefore, I don't have any problems with supplements, as long as we understand what they are for, they are no harm to the horses.