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What could i use to make my Tredstep tall boots not so stiff. Like i mean what can i use to make them softer and more flexible?

What could i use to make my Tredstep tall boots not so stiff. Like i mean what can i use to make them softer and more flexible?
If you ever want to get a good polish on your boots, do not oil the outsides. Just lightly use oil on the inside where you are having issues. You should never really use anything on your boots other than products specifically made for boots or leather dress shoes!
Any form of oil will work for any leather gear or tack but I always use olive oil!
The BEST thing that you can do is to condition with oil as well as wearing them as much as you can, put them on around the house with oil on them to allow it to be soaked up a you move and the leather moves and stretches! Just be cautious of over treating them as they can become too supple and drop in height!
Almond oil will do the job. ☺
Any form of oil, should help soften it. Walking around with them on after using the oil will help. Make sure you clean them with tack soap before using any oil based products, otherwise the oil will eat at the dirt and make a gooey gross mess. Best of luck.
Neatsfoot oil , it's what I use on all new boots and tack :)(not actually for feet!)
Please, please, please do not do what Emma Hoades is suggesting by dunking them in a bath full of water. This is the worst possible thing you could do to leather boots, it WILL ruin them. Have you ever got leather shoes wet.... makes them all hard and dry! But on the plus side, if you want to soften up your boots, try Stubben Haminol cream, it works wonders on new leather and really helps to soften it.
Best method is wearing them and they will soften up. I wouldn’t use oils on them, it will cause a build up over time.
Yeah treat them like a new bridle or saddle oil them and saddle soap them be careful not to ride in them when theyre oiled though cause they will be very slippy. They're leather so they need to be saddle soaped regularly just like tack so they won't become stiff or crack they need to look they're best nice and shiny😂
wipe them down with a TINY TINY bit of baby oil. it's meant to soften skin, and leather is skin. if you use too much it will make them extremely droopy. it also gives added shine. wait a few days to wear them as the baby oil may attract some dirt. i clean mine after i let the oil sit for a few days. wear them around the house so they form to your leg. you should only do this once or it will make them too droopy & floppy.
This will sound crazy but I swear it works and won’t hurt your boots at all. If you fill a bathtub with warm water(not hot!) and dunk the boots in for just a second so they’re a little wet. Then put the boots on and walk with them on until they’re completely dry. They’ll be broken in and the warm water will help them cling and you’ll get custom fitted boots without actually having to buy custom boots! Hope this helps!!
I oiled mine :)