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What is your opion on spurs ?

What is your opion on spurs ?
Good if used correctly!
I think that they’re fine unless they are used abusively. I’d honestly rather use a crop though
The only spurs I use are nub spurs, and I’m always very cautious about how and when I use them.
I think they're an excellent tool if used the correct way. It also depends on the horse you ride and what kind of ride they require.
Spurs are helpful if used for a good purpose
Good if you need them and you know what type is best for your horse but shouldn’t be used if not needed.
All horses are different and some just need a little extra push, so if the spurs are not abused or used too excessively then im all for it. But if they aren’t necessary, then don’t use them.
I think it's necessary sometimes with certain horses ;)
If used properly they are gteat
i love them when used properly. they're a very helpful aid.
As others have said, they're used for a leg-deadened horse. They can also be used to give more precise aids where a touch in one area means one thing, and a touch in another area means another thing. This is more for an experienced rider with a steady leg. They should never been used as a punishment, or to make a horse go faster, only worn when and if they're needed.
I personally think if they are used correctly and not used to abuse or harm the horse they are okay
caution and experience is the only way that they should be used
There’s a time and place to use spurs, and correctly used as well as used for the right reasons, I personally don’t feel that they’re bad. However, they are to be used in moderation and really shouldn’t be relied upon nor used as a form of punishment per say.
I mean, use them if u dont have other option
If the horse need them, and you use them carefully, it's okay. But try not to use them
I agree with @cecebear13 I also have a horse that’s alittle green, and if not ridden in spurs (I use the softest spurs though) he doesn’t respond to just leg. He needs some extra push, especially when jumping. Though in flat work I try not to use spurs, but that’s just me.
I think if a horse needs them then use them, but properly of course. I ride a hot horse that needs a bit more support to be put together, so I ride in nubby spurs. I don’t think people should ride in spurs if they don’t ride correctly in them though (e.g. constantly spurring the horse, constantly rubbing the horse, etc.). They should be used as a second aid if your horse does not respond to your leg the first time, not as a constant aid.