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FEI wants to prohibit progressively Fetlock-boots and other back tendon boots. What’s your opinion on this decision ?

FEI wants to prohibit progressively Fetlock-boots and other back tendon boots. What’s your opinion on this decision ?
They should be banned. Anything that enhances a horse’s performance through discomfort or creating an unnatural gait (as horses wearing these boots often have an exaggerated gait behind) should not be allowed in competition and shouldn’t be used in schooling. Boots should protect the horse from injuring itself; not potentially create an injury through increased concussion, highly animated use of the hind legs, etc.
Why would they want to get rid of something that protects our horses’ legs? I don’t know about everybody else, but my horse was a huge investment and I want to take all pre-cautionary measures to prevent injury. This motion seems unjustifiable.
I only use Equifit boots to protect my mare from abrasions and to help with shock absorbtion. If boots benefit some horses for safety and health, the ban seems unjustified.
Don't see anything wrong with banning them, brushing boots are the only back boots needed for some horses, would prevent people from putting pinch boots on their horses so they pick their back legs up better
Brushing boots are necessary on some horses behind - weighted boots etc should be banned not protective boots
agreed @lucyreid . My Mare has to have brushing boots of 24/7 otherwise she just bashes her self. Maybe this rule will stop conformation issues then?
I think if they’re used for performance enhancement then all for it! But I use back tendon boots and brushing boots because my mare brushes and it gets worse when she’s jumped, I couldn’t afford not to protect her legs.
Think it’s a great idea they aren’t getting rid of all fetlock boots just ones that enhance jumping technique so ones that offer protection for brushing will still be allowed. as the sport progresses horses are getting better & better & courses are having to be more technical & as can’t keep making them bigger so great to focus on natural ability!
Most people only use back boots for a better realease behind over the jump these days so I think they should ban the ones that have purposes other than protection
I don't see the point of it, We use boots to protect our horse(s) and they are trying to get rid of that. Do they want our horses to get hurt?.... Yet i haven't red an article because i can''t find one so maybe they have a good reason for it.
Its stupid. Are we not allowed to protect our horses legs these days
Found an article. Definitely a good idea, just ridiculous that a boot would be used for another reason other than protection.
They're not prohibiting fetlock boots all together.
What's the reasoning? Or an article I can read about this?
Good idea