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A recent french study found that only 5% of horses appreciate the grooming (for others is a sign of discomfort), how do you react to that?

A recent french study found that only 5% of horses appreciate the grooming (for others is a sign of discomfort), how do you react to that?
I think that’s probably true. I have only met one horse that likes being groomed
I very rarely actually groom my horse. Usually it’s just a quick curry where his girth goes, a quick run over his back and barrel with a body brush and sometimes having his hooves picked (I check them everyday but hooves don’t really get packed or anything harmful in them). After I ride I wash him off (even in winter cause it’s hot all the time here) because he absolutely loves the water and take him for a walk until he dries, which he also loves. But yeah he doesn’t love it but he doesn’t hate it either
I think my horse is in the other 95%😂 after some minutes she gets fed up...
Well, maybe the discomfort is because od the back problems? Or unproper fitted saddle? It should be a massage for a Horse :/
I think my mare enjoys grooming as she has a large stable (6x recommended size!) and I groom her without tying her up. She stands still and sometimes grooms me back. I guess not all horses like it but mine certainly seem to!
The horses I had before were all looking like they liked to be groomed but ı guess o was wrong😣😣
Hey have you ever broken your callarbone off a horse
My experience largely corresponds to this finding.
It's too bad. I guess I'll have to find a horse among these 5%. (I can spend hours grooming a horse... just for the sake of grooming him/her.) But I can see why they don't like it, it's not in their nature. :/
One of my horses loves it, and leans into the brush, one seems totally indifferent, and one hates it, and expresses her dislike the entire grooming session by wiggling and bitting at things nearby. The emotional part of me wishes all of them were like the first, because I am doing you a favor, horse, damnit, I want you to appreciate it! Instead, she just has to make me feel bad, and makes get new brushes to appease her sensitivities, and instead nothing works, and it feels very personal, because I will use my hand to pet her, but if I just my hand to try to knock dirt off her, she gets pissed.

So, you might say I take it quite hard.
my horse has sensitive skin and tolerates it to a certain point. Only brush when needed as takes off natural stuff of the hair. Whats wrong with a bit of Mud?
My horse tolerates being brushed, I wouldn’t go as far to say she enjoys it
Brushing is foreign to horses, so it's only natural for them to show discomfort or uncertainty. Of course around the withers it can replicate another horse mutually grooming it, however. We groom horses so much now that it has become normal to them as they've grown to get used to it, but that's not to say they particularly enjoy it. I notice that my mare seems to eat her hay much more 'aggressively', in that she'll tear it from the net when she is being groomed, compared to her calmer nature when she's not being groomed; she'll pluck away at the hay as calm as anything.
It'll be interesting to see the study - do you have a link? I'm not surprised by its results and I'd love to know more about its findings actually!
I feel it depends on the horse, and a single study won’t show all the data needed.
100% disagree
My horse loves being brushed in his stall, but hates it anywhere else. He just hates being tied.
I think one study isn't conclusive of anything in itself. How many horses were in the study? What was the control? Was the horse's history accounted for? How were the parameters measured? What type of grooming? Who published the study?

I think it's an interesting topic to look into and something to bare in mind, but I wouldn't reconsider grooming habits unless a meta-analysis is released.
One of my horses I can walk up to him in the paddock and brush him and he stands there and goes to sleep the other one when I brush him moves away and won't enjoy as much so depends on every different horse
I agree that every horse is reacting differently to grooming some of them will stand there quietly and the other will pull faces especially in the girth area. However, I think either way grooming is good for horses bcos it's some kind of massage to them and helps with circulatory system. Also, I happen to think that the horse's that are not enjoying might be because someone is not doing it in the right and enjoyable way.