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What's your favourite bit? Or do you ride bitless, if so what kind of bridle do you use? :)

What's your favourite bit? Or do you ride bitless, if so what kind of bridle do you use? :)
It made my horse really relax into a contact and work through his back end more. It also made him a lot more relaxed in general as he is quite a hot, spooky type, and also slightly easier to stop!
The neue schule bits are expensive so I'd recommend having one on trial before to see if it makes a difference
Sounds amazing :) in which way did it improve exactly? :D
Neue Schule team up (loose ring) - improved my horse so much instantly (he was in a regular loose ring snaffle before)
Hackamore :)
The bit I use on every horse I ride (and every horse I’ve owned, but this also depends sometimes) is a happy mouth snaffle. A lot of times, I also ride with a simple nose band side pull attachment in my bridle instead of a bit. But like I said, sometimes I change it but I always keep the horses best interest in mind. :)
The Arabian has a double jointed eggbut snaffle at home and for shows an anatomically shaped unjointed bit, and I have a jaw-crossed bitless bridle for my lease rider. Chestnut has a rubber unjointed snaffle, and the big bay has a double jointed small loose ring snaffle.
I ride in a loose run snaffle as that is the softest bit. But it also lets the horse move the bit witch is good for horses that fidget!
We ride bitless with a hackamore. It provides that extra bit of leverage on the nose when needed and takes away the pressure from within the horses mouth, which causes the horse discomfort due to their mouth anatomy. I've found that bitless really does make your horse so much more happy when riding since they're not having to move the bit or attempt to evade mouth pressure.
However, I will admit I do use an eggbutt mullen happy mouth from time to time in order to teach certain movements (such as leg yield) before applying similar pressure with the hackamore. I find that metal in a horses mouth is completely unnecessary, so if anyone plans to use any bit often, rubber or plastic is my personal preference (and most likely the horses preference, too!)
my favorite is a kimberwick. it is soft & you also have the option to give it some curb action. my mares absolutely love it