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Where are good Christmas gifts to give to instructors?

Where are good Christmas gifts to give to instructors?
Alcohol 😂
Horse tack key chains (bits Spurs horse shoe stirrups etc)
I’m getting my instructor a set of dressage markers as she has just installed an arena 😁
I'm making her horses a special peppermint treat. She has a lot of worn out Leadrope, and I'm getting one for her for Christmas. 🤗
If she has some old and worn out saddle pads for giving lessons to little kids get him/her some new ones, in the barns colors or with its logo
I got my trainer a warm headband for winter last year! This year I’m going to get her something and make horse treats for her horses and maybe make her cookies!
Anything against the cold 😁 some insulated gloves, travel mug, a hat and scarf, warm socks! But as a trainer I know pretty much anything is great to get, it's the thought that counts 😄
Travel mugs, custom made mugs
Heated gloves are a good idea. Me and a couple of my barn friends all pitched in to by instructor heated gloves. Vests or scarves are good too. Hope this helps!