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What are the benefits of half chaps?

What are the benefits of half chaps?
a bit more grippy then tall boots and they help you get the feel of what tall boots feel like
You have the option to wear paddock boots as well. They are also cheaper but tall boots look much nicer. I wear half chaps at the moment but am hoping to get a pair of tall boots next year😊
I find them to be a lot more flexible and comfortable than tall boots, and I love that synthetic ones are machine washable.
They're lighter and more practical than tall boots. I compete with them too. I just love them hahaha
I love them also! You don’t have to worry about wearing actual tall boots and you can take them off so you are in just paddock boots!
I love them, I'm even selling my boots because the half chaps are so comfortable! And it's very common in my country to compete in them. I love how easy they are, comfortable, more close contact/tighter fit, more customisable size wise because you get the shoe seperate from the chap. Perfect for my small feet but long legs 😁