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Scribbles has been acting up a lot, the bet stays he's fine but I know my horse he has been scaring me a lot like , mom wants to sell him because she thinks hes dangerous. What can I do?

Scribbles has been acting up a lot, the bet stays he's fine but I know my horse he has been scaring me a lot like , mom wants to sell him because she thinks hes dangerous. What can I do?
Thank you for all the help. We have decided after my trained came out and evaluated him that the best option so no one gets hurt is to regime him. My trainer at this point is going to buy him for a YEDA horse. But a hudge thank you to all your guys help!
If you don’t have a trainer, you really need to get one ASAP. If you’ve ruled out pain and are scared to ride him, have a pro give him a couple of come to Jesus rides and then take lessons. Like lots of lessons, they’ll benefit you and your horse.
If you're nervous, your horse will be nervous and he will only disrespect you as a result of your own lack of confidence and leadership.
Horses do things as a result of our actions. They sense every bit of body language, since this is how they communicate, so if you tense up at all your horse will question that and begin to question whether you are a suitable leader and whether you will keep him safe, since as prey animal that is constantly going through their heads.
Groundwork is absolutely essential. It should be implemented into a horses education from a young age and should be done at least twice a week to ensure that they respect you and your space. Roundpenning, lunging for respect, backing, yielding, etc should all be established before even riding a horse as this sets your horse up for success on the ground and in the saddle.
I highly recommend you research Clinton Anderson's method which focuses on moving a horses feet to gain their respect and trust. If your horse does not respect you, he will not trust you and will therefore confide in another horse or himself to be leader.
Personally I would not recommend a trainer unless you're completely uncertain and are unwilling to attempt to train your horse yourself. Unfortunately I've found that many trainers use pain and fear to control the horse which does not work and will create more bad habits.
Do your research, trust yourself and focus purely on groundwork. While backing my mare groundwork was all I focused on for 3 months, ensuring that she knew it inside and out, before even attempting to ride her. It'll be greatly beneficial to both you and your horse.
Best of luck. Hard work, confidence and consistency is all you need!
I think your best option would be to get a good trainer to come and ride him before you do & then have a lesson- otherwise problems will escalate and you'll just end up scaring yourself and teaching him bad habits.
I never thought I'd jump my horse again a few weeks ago after him bronking but after one lesson with my trainer we're back to jumping everything!
Best of luck - I know how horrible it can be but stick with it!!
Definitely do groundwork! If that’s not working then I would try to find a groundwork clinic so a professional can help with training. You might be able to get a groundwork trainer out to you. In the meantime, definitely work him. The more energy he has, the more likely he will to act up. Obviously don’t work him too much, but I suggest doing a strong workout one day, light-medium the next.

Also, doing groundwork with your horse is so hard! I know! But you really have to be stern. Do not let your horse get away with anything! Once you establish that you are dominant, your horse should be (hopefully!) better. Even then, your horse might test you. If you let him get away with even just testing you once, he will try to gain dominance again.

Best of luck!!!
He's out till it gets dark. I feed him tribute Kalm and Easy GCplus and he gets Hylarin B Powder ‑ 1000gm
For his joints. He gets 2 flakes of grass hay 2 times a day. Mom has him on vita Calm so he does not blow up. Iv been doing lunging once a day and then going over ground pols. I can't ride him because he won't let me get on him and if I can get on him he will throw his bday around trying to make me fall off and know mom has outlawed anyone getting on him becuse she thinks he dangerous.
Daily turnout is a must! Make sure he's not getting too much protein or sugar in his diet as well. Sometimes the cooler temps make them feel like running. Work, work, work him! And lay down the ground rules, and make him respect you!
I will start trying that, thank you
Do a lot of ground work like horsemanship. There's loads of videos on YT of cowboys doing these kind of things with horses with different kind of problems and they have included teaching horses manners, respect, horse that bites and horse that kicks and respecting personal space. Honestly think it's worth looking at.
Maybe get a second vet opinion? To just see what another one thinks?
He's been checked out, we had a full work up done on him. Iv been doing groundwork but no improvements
If him being dangerous is because of lack of manners, do some groundwork with him. Otherwise I know that the horse I lease gets worked up when his back, teeth, or feet are bothering him, so maybe get those checked out?