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What is the best technic to break in tall boots?

What is the best technic to break in tall boots?
Put on breeches, socks and boots as you’d usually wear it.
Fill in a bathtub with warm-hot water.
Dunk your legs with the boots on in, Do not soak – just dunk for a couple of seconds until you feel the wet inside the boots.
Walk around with the boots until they are dry, possibly all day. They need to dry on your feet in order to take the correct form.
Grease them during the drying process to avoid for the leather getting rigid and also fragile, some people suggested Kocholine…
When fully dry and nicely greased, voilà you have ‘tailor made boots’. They should be softer and have taken the exact form of your foot.
Oil them and wear them just walking around and stretching them before you ride
I’ve just got some and just found riding in them. I also used a polish or something(like Dublin polish) that will help supple the leather.