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What’s cheaper and better: straw or shavings?

What’s cheaper and better: straw or shavings?
Straw is cheaper tho
I prefer shavings
Shavings are better
I’m looking into getting chopped straw, benefits of shavings but still marginally cheaper x
Straw is cheaper but I would go with shavings, I think they would last longer and easier
Depends on your horse
Cheaper:straw best: shavings

Straw is cheaper but I use jeegee bedding
Straw is much cheaper but shavings are much easier to muck out and manage from my experience 😁
I don’t know how expensive shavings are but for mucking I would choose shavings
I love pelated bedding, it’s really easy to clean and there’s not a whole lot of waste, but it can be on the expensive side. Out of straw and shavings, it depends. My old barn got shavings free from a furniture factory so if you can do something like that it’s saves a whole lot. But between the two straw is cheaper but I prefer shavings.
Straw is cheaper but I had straw once and my pony ate it 😂So if it's long term use I would use shavings
Ya, I think straw is definitely the cheaper alternative, but it depends on what you prefer aesthetically. I find shavings much easier to handle, and much more absorbent.
Shavings are better but probably more expensive
YA i we with Karina it really depends at my barn the time use straw I mean it doesn’t look bad but personally it looks messy shavings just look really nice. I’m guessing shavings might be softer too idk exactly
Can't really say what's better because its all up to your preference. I prefer shavings, I find it easier muck out and looks tidy, however straw is cheaper.