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Any tips on catching my horse? He runs away in the field if i try catching him. Nothing works. Feed, treats, join ups. Tried it all!

Any tips on catching my horse? He runs away in the field if i try catching him. Nothing works. Feed, treats, join ups. Tried it all!
When you catch him, give him a treat and make him have a good time. That means treats and eating grass. No riding, no nothing. Just a nice moment in your company. Do this every day if you can, at least for a week, but the best is to do it at least once a week even after you manage to catch him easily for good. He will know that being with humans is not necessarily being ridden and doing hard work all the time.
My daughter's horse was like that. The cure was to catch him the same time each day for a week and take him out to eat a treat. Now he associates humans with treats and doesn't run away. It took 6 people to try and catch him previously.
U need to go into the paddock for a "visit" not just work. Right now that horse is associated u with work not with plesure. So u go into paddock like 8 times per day with treat not all the time. Just pat her and leave. U dobthis for a wile....
Everytime I got out to the paddock, I bring a carrot or something like that. Hence, everytime I come out, my horse associates that with an enjoyable experience - so he comes right up to me. Sometimes I just catch him, give him a brush, then let him go. The philosophy I work under is that your horse should find his time with you enjoyable, and after a few months he will want to be caught and do stuff with you.
I have the same problem with my horse she’s great if I don’t go out to the paddock with an agenda and I can scratch her all over. If i walk out with a halter or rope (even when it’s hidden) she knows and I can’t get near her until she’s ready to walk into me- this can take up to 20 minutes some days. So I got sick of it and went to the store and purchased 20meteres of cheap light rope and attached it to a halter. She drags the rope around and when she runs away I just pick up the rope and she turns to
face me. It has actually made her a lot easier to catch and I’m gradually leaving the halter and rope off her. It’s also made her great with her legs always having a rope around them and she doesn’t freak out if she stands on her reins as she’s used to standing on the rope.
Just go out there and sit down and read a book or something or play some music but don't take any notice of the horse at all do this for a few days and even just walk around or do a little gym workout or something cuz the horse knows it's going to get worked when you come but if you just go spend time there curiosity will win the horse over and it will come
Ok thanks will give it a try.
If you only go out to the field when you want to ride him that could be why? It happened with my mare so I made more effort to go out to the field to say hello to her without catching or riding her and it really helped. Also ignoring him and checking the perimeter or water can rouse their interest!