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How do you know if your horse is cold?

How do you know if your horse is cold?
Touch their ears
If a horse is cold, he will either shiver, move around in his stable a lot (to generate heat energy from his muscles) and he will eat (or attempt to eat) more than usual.

Actually feeling whether they're cold or not is not scientifically accurate. If you've had your hands by a heater or have been wearing gloves and you go to feel his ears, they are going to be colder than your hand because your hand has more heat (energy) than his ears. Vice versa, if your hands are cold - say you've opened a cold metal gate - and you go to touch his ears, his ears are going to feel warmer due to your hands having lost heat (energy).

Horses that are not clipped can actually withstand freezing temperatures. As long as they have plenty of food to fuel their digestive system, which acts as the horses personal heater, then your horse generally should not be cold, especially if he has a thick winter coat which helps to insulate him!
Hope this helps!
If her ears and nose are cold then she is probably cold.
feel their ears. if they're cold, there will be absolutely no heat coming from their ears. or look if they're shaking/shivering
Take its temperature
It’s very important to know your horses ‘normal’ and will help you in many situations :)
Hi, I stick my hands in the front of his blanket. If he's warmer than my hands, we're probably good to go. His ears always seem pretty much air temperature to me, and he hangs in the shed a lot anyway since the round bale's there.
Hello Amber,

Personally, I do two things:
watch my mare's behavior, and run my hand under her sheet/blanket and press my hand into her coat. If she isn't warm to the touch, she's probably cold.
I also back that up with her behavior, as I mentioned. If she's glued to the shelter and doesn't want to come out, probably means she's cold :)