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How do I actually be a good rider and not suck?

How do I actually be a good rider and not suck?
And if you're into jumping... forget the height. Focus about your work with the horse. Achieve technical rounds over high fences rounds (if that makes sense). I see a ton of riders who love show jumping ride like crap because all they want is to jump big, they don't care about jumping WELL... While it should be your first priority. The height will come later.
Weekly lessons with a good teacher, a lot of will and efforts, accepting that being a better rider won't come instantaneously, it takes decades to be one. And then... Never give up!!
Have lessons
Practice and lessons.
Practice and focus on working hard. Be confident and don't give up!!
Be confident in your riding and work hard and focus :)
Flat work is the key to everything to be honest
Perfect Practice makes perfection.
Watch riders at the top level of your disapline, and practice!
Practice and confidence
Go for many flat work lessons. Helps you to understand what is good and what isn’t good.
Confidence, patience, trust.
Practice practice practice. Ride as often as u can and seek for advice from the ones that are better at something