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How do you get rid of wind galls?

How do you get rid of wind galls?
If your horses wingals have gone hard then They are permanent, but to get your wingals to go down you can always use swell down or and Arneka also hosing will help bring the swelling down :) hope this helped
My horse has a few wingals but asked my Physio about them and she’s said it’s not a big issue. This is because his tissue is a type that produces quite a lot of fluid and so wingals can appear! Obviously I don’t know if that’s the case with you tho... I recently bought some equstream bands to help with legs filling and for long distance traveling, but they’ve also been proven to help get rid of wingals!
Exercise doesn’t bring them down and he lives in a paddock 24/7 :(
Put stable bandages on at night and it should bring swelling down...puttin your horse on the walker or exercise in general will bring them down...