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Views on breaking a horse in at 3years old?

Views on breaking a horse in at 3years old?
I just finished a book called “Think Like Your Horse” by Michael Peace and Lesley Bayley and it said about 3 1/2 year’s or so. It also has a good concept that it talks about
I think 3 is a good age, but I think after being broken it’s good to put them out for a few months to let them mature a bit and give them a bit of headspace:) but It depends on the horse!
3 is a good age, wouldn’t do any younger. If you really wanted to you could start at 4, depends on the horse
I have a 3(almost 4) tb that was never raced that was broken at 2! Of course we are only jumping about 2’6 right now, but he has a very nice little brain and is very talented(in my opinion 😂)
I agree with Laura. Tamarack Hill Farm on Facebook posted about this a day or so ago- I recommend giving it a read! Not long, but very interesting
I would start my ponies at 4yrs old if they are a warm blood/ Hanoverian/ slow maturing breed
Ye it's good but it's a lot f work around 3-4/5 months :)

Yeah you could start light work but they are not fully grown yet so don't start hard work as they aren't fully developed yet and it can cause injury. I would definitely start ground work,backing and handling also introducing them to tack slowly and maybe lunging .when the time comes it will be ten times easier as u have done the preparation and it will be normal for the horse.You can never start handling too early.
That's the age I do it obvs start wth light riding and as they get older and stronger progress on with whatever you want them to