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How often do mares have their period and should I work her in that period? Expect some quality work from her either jumping, flat or pole work.

How often do mares have their period and should I work her in that period? Expect some quality work from her either jumping, flat or pole work.
Every 21 days is the norm, although some mares every 9 days, but this is rare enough. I had 1 mare came into season everytime the sun was shining lol, even throughout her entire pregnancy.

Working a mare depends on the mare, they all differ, but usually are grand about it.
Mares come in season every 21 to 23 days approximately, this status will last for 7 days, the "worst" part for them are the days in the middle, so expect a mare to be a little harder to manage during 3 or 4 days
I still work my the same. Sometimes mine will lose little focused sometimes.
It really depends on every horse. Just like humans, when they come into season and how they act in season is all different. You can work them the same but again it depends on the horse. My mare just got very moody and difficult but I didn't have any problem working her. Just figure our your horse and do whats best for her
They go into season around once a month and should still be able to be ridden but that depends on the horse and how they react (e.g. becoming strongly girthy).
I work with my mare on light work. Normally light canter work but more jogging/trotting in both directions
It depends. Every mare is different when they're in heat. I normally just work them the same.
I am working at Kuwait and my two mares (if it is too hot, the weather) getting too tired easily. So my vet suggests me to work light for the first two days but if ı have a serious competition he said it is ok to attend it so I did one time but as they are more important than competition, ı prefer light work. But some mares doesnt change at all. It depends on your horse.
Mares come into season about ever 21 days. I like natural herbs and so when my mare is a bit testy - I use mare magic or purchase raspberry leaves from Amazon. They seems to help
My Mare does get a little bit more sensitive when she’s in heat. But I keep working her the same as I always do. The exercises I work on is transitioning to keep her focused on the job.
With my mare I just keep working her the same she doesn't really feel any different or act any different so I don't think it would be to bad for u to work your mare
Mare's don't have periods, when they go into season is dependent on the mare, some mares may experience a pain when they're in season, but if the season is that extreme I'd get a vet out for hormonal treatment. Other than that, there should be no reason why you shouldn't work her normally.
My mare goes into season about once a month. She gets more stubborn than usual( if that’s possible) and is hard to work. I would work her.
They go into season or heat about once a month, their behaviour may change slightly (depends on the horse), and they might mess about or become moodier during this period but you can still work them and should expect the same quality of work :)
once a month & nothing really changes so i dont see why you couldn't work her.