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Opinions on foxhunting? (with and without real foxes)

Opinions on foxhunting? (with and without real foxes)
I think it's cruel both for horses and foxes
I don't see anything wrong with it, foxes don't have any natural predators in the UK anymore, the rush of escaping a predator is good for animals lower down on a food chain, not only that, but a pack of dogs aren't likely to catch a healthy fox, they will only catch either a very unlucky fox or an unhealthy fox, this will strengthen the species as a whole, whereas culling via shooting can easily just take out a healthy fox, no natural selection involved
@roverandcharlie I didn’t mean that to sound like a bad thing! Sorry if it came across that way:) I’ve watched many hunts and would love a go, it really does look like good craic!:)
U obviously haven't seen behind the scenes of fox hunting it is inhuman what they do to the foxes ur only a bistander.
They also kill the ones that are healthy and have pups so they can stop the next generation.The pups starve to death without their mother to feed them. I come from a farming backround and we have never gotten a disease from a fox before.I don't know how anyone finds it enjoyable.
@gracesinclair Not all are nutters. once you know what to do and where to stand its truly an amazing day out
Hunting Is fun (the riding). Your get to cross amazing country and jump stuff you wouldn't be able to jump. When they used to hunt foxes with dogs. It was the ones who were slow and ill. They were the foxes who were going to die sooner or later. When the hounds caught up with them. Which doesn't normally happen as they should be quicker than them, They kill them NOT BY RIPPING THEM APPART but A QUICK SWIFT BITE ON THE NECK WHICH KILLS THEM INSTANTLY. the hounds then eat the animal so the body didn't go to waste. I defiantly don't agree with the other stuff that goes on with hunting, but the fact that vermin of the country who,yes are beautiful but they are eating farmers sheep and other livestock I do agree that they should by slaughtered as they now breed in huge numbers. They Spread disease also to farmers livestock and other wild animals. Therefore their numbers should be kept down. The reason I DO NOT AGREE WITH FOX HUNTING is the awful stuff that goes on that isn't natural like using terriers and other animals to get foxes t hunt which make the un-natural hunt.
Having lived in Ireland my whole life, hunting is a massive thing over here, and it is extremely uncommon for someone to have not been hunting at least once(or at least to a hunt hack). I personally don’t agree with hunting with real foxes, however I don’t see anything wrong with hunting without the intent of killing anything, and I think it can be a great way to meet other riders in your area and also
develop a horses confidence over scarier looking fences (provided the horse is fit and capable of jumping certain heights and as long as the ground is in decent condition and the fences are safe). I personally however, would not take one of my own horses hunting over here, as the ground is seldom in good enough condition and I would not risk injuring my horse for a day of running through fields like a nutter!:)
I don't like the idea as the fox is only tryin to provide for its young like we all will be one day. It's awful what they do to the foxes it's inhuman. And then the horse are fired to jump huge drains and ditches in the wettest of weather and they could get injured very easily. I personally don't do hunting as it's dangerous and I'd rather come home with a horse that is not tramatised and in one piece with no injurys.
I don't think it is that human :) I feel bad for the horses