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Does anyone know were I can buy a 3/8 twisted wire D ring bit?

Does anyone know were I can buy a 3/8 twisted wire D ring bit?
@maggie.cairo19 I have tried😭😭
@sgloade thank you! I ha e tried different bits. I have tried a smooth Snaffle and a slow twist. And just riding in a halter. This is the only thing she likes to she plays with all the others.
Also, if you find one and it’s a full cheek, you may want to use bit protectors.
Running through the bit is a training issue, another harsher bit won’t help that for long. I don’t think the size of the bit causes the running out, that would be more related to the cheek pieces not being fitted correctly.

That said, what size bit does she take? I’m not sure what a 3/8 size is for a bit, my guys take 5 1/2” or 5 3/4” depending on the bit.

This bit is harder bit to find especially in a d-ring. They can be ordered by speaking with a local tack store and seeing if one of their suppliers carries it.
I have looked everywhere! I find some twisted wire ones but they are to big or to small. And if it is not the size I use now she will run through the bit and anything you do will not stop her. I have one I ride western with but I’m going to start English and I want a d-ring or a full cheek.
You can probably get them from online tack stores like horseloverz, Dover Saddlery, or in actual stores.