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If a horse is blind in one eye, can I still jump him?

If a horse is blind in one eye, can I still jump him?
Yes, if they can operate safety and effectively. Most can, and have a good time doing it. It is all about the horse's comfort!
My horse is blind in one eye and he is a machine around the Jumping course. Nothing can stop him from doing what he loves. The only thing is they are a little spookier so you have to be aware
I use to ride a horse with one eye and he could do everything else the other horses did, I’m sure it wouldn’t be a problem but start off very small firstly of course!
Yes! I owned an ottb with that and she did incredible cross country at a high level. Just get them comfortable with it
Yes with good practice, a friend of my did 1.10m jumpers with her gelding who only had one eye
I don't see why not, as long as you trust each other and you both feel confident it should be okay. I wouldn't jump too high though but that's me
My mare became blind in one eye when she was already 15years old and had no problem with it. We trained a lot because it was more difficult for her to see the distance
Trevor Breen won the Hickstead derby twice with a horse with one eye.
with proper training & such yes. there's horses that are blind in both eyes that jump & excel in everything a seeing horse would
I used to ride a 12 hand pony who was blind in one eye and as long as she could see the jump out of the good eye she jumped it just fine
Yes, he might have to have additional training, but I have seen horses jump with only one eye. Also, at my barn, a blind horse is actually ridden by her owner. She doesn’t do anything besides trail riding, but that’s because she’s blind in both eyes