Do you often check the back of your horse to see if she/he has a pain under the saddle? If so, how do you treat without a vet?

Every time I wash my horse run my fingers along side the spine both sides and I check for any signs of soreness, look for rubs & lumps... I don’t seek Vet advice unless real problem, Most problems can be fixed with simple changes to equipment
Thank you so much all, will check my saddle definitely and Equine touch is nice!
before every ride & it's most likely because of poor saddle fit
We get our horses Equine touch every week to maintain them
Thank you! We checked with the vet but didnt work... I guess it is a good idea to check my saddle 💫
I’d get physio/back person to look at them first before the vet, and following that potentially the saddler!
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