How long do you guys lunge your horse for to achieve an optimal work?

I always like to get my horses moving before riding. Walk, trot, canter, movement of the shoulders, the hinds and backing up. Get their brains thinking too, see how they’re feeling.
I usually lunge my horse for 10 - 20 minutes before a horse show if they are being spooky at the show grounds
around 30 minutes :)
Until they get tired
I think 25-30 minutes is a good base line. Personally I like to focus on quality than quantity when I'm lunging the younger horses. It would also depends on how much I have done the day before, how much I'm planing to do the next day and what I'm trying to achieve I.e. Am I lunging to get them fit or to improve their balance and top line?
I normally do 25-30 minutes. For young horses I spin them on the lunge for 5 mins on each rein before getting on if they are fresh. As they get older, I lunge them less frequently. My 9 year old PSG mare in never lunged - she is far too fresh!
Hi Haley
I normally do 30 mins so 5 mins warm up 10 mins one side 10 mins the other side then a 5 min cool down
For fitness they will need at least 30 minutes for just warming up probably 15 minutes
20 mins, 10 mins one side, 10 mins the other, I don't keep the horse trotting all the time but I do a lot of transitions.
No more than 20-30 minutes and mostly trotting.
About 30 minutes no more then 5 minutes in one direction at a time :)
Depends when the last time you rode was and how much energy they have. Sometimes you’ll play it by ear if your horse has lots of energy you’ll want them to buck and pig root a little bit to get out some energy and if hey don’t do this in the first 20 mins or so then you might make the decision to stop or to keep going. It’s really up to you
It depends when the last time I rode was. If I’ve been riding every day for a while then 10-20 mins of ground work. Maybe none. If my horse has a day or a few off then 30-45 mins of ground work.
I usually ride for an hour so lunge for about 30 minutes. Its physically harder for the horse to go in circles so I do half of when we ride. But it really depends for me because I sometimes want to do a small excerxise.
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