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What kind of saddle do you use for jumping, and does it affect your position?

What kind of saddle do you use for jumping, and does it affect your position?
Prestige. Yes it affects my position a lot !
I personally have a Pessoa and a Stubben but my favorite is a Black Country to jump it 😁
Plus they aren't as expensive as some of the other brands on th market
I use an Eric Thomas Lugano it's a GP saddle but is slightly more for jumping. It is amazing and so comfortable! Great for dressage to! Does not affect my position at all and is very light!
Hey Sarah, I have a CWD and I love it! I think that it won’t effect your position but it could effect your comfort! I think even though it may be expensive it’s worth the money!😁
If you're ok with spending more money, CWD & Antares are amazing. But I use Prestige Versailles new. I find that my knee doesn't slide back on this model and I really love it!
A jumping one is more suited to jumping. But an all purpose one is fine and nice for jumping
I use a stübben! I love it! It makes me more stable as i am quite tall (5’11) so the forward cut of the knee rolls means my
Knees aren’t hanging off the saddle! Sooo comfy also!
I use voltair
I have an Antares, and I love it! The leather is the softest and also most durable I have found. I prefer a forward flap, it makes jumping more comfortable for you and the horse. It allows for the correct position and stirrup length. While Antares saddles are expensive even used, they are definitely worth the money. They last a long time!
I use an equipro jumping saddle! and yes. I prefer the more forward cut style compared to a GP. It makes it easier to sit out of the saddle when needed and places your leg in a better position for jumping