I have a lazy mare and I currently use a D ring double joint snaffle. I want to see if there are better options (nothing too harsh and she goes behind the bit). Any recommendations?

Don’t worry about the bitting Sharon I don’t think that’s a problem,
There are endless options when it comes to bits or training. I can't relate on having a lazy mare (well.... maybe ;)) but my best advice is finding the right fit for her. I'm all about simplicity, health of the horse, and comfort while in and out of saddle. Take things slow and try new bits, or even take away the bit! Ground work, lunging, or just having a day where you sit in the arena can sometimes make them have a different attitude. If your curious, I ride in an offset D ring snaffle with copper inlay. Most days it's a halter, and easy relaxing rides. Sometimes a more relaxed or slower paced day at the barn provides the horse with more energy.
@sgloade Again I am not trying to fix the problem with a bit, I just wanted people to know about the information when answering, helpful or not.
I agree that a bit isn’t the answer to this issue, training is and getting a better response to your leg.

And given the information you posted, it sounds like you’re asking for a bit to make your horse less lazy. That’s why people are saying a different bit won’t work.
A wonder bit
@sharonpark i never said that's what you're looking for neither. I simply answer to the information you have given.
You can also do some exercises to encourage her hind quarters as well like cavaletti or lungeing in a passoa 😉😉
@karinalipnicka I was never looking for a bit that would fix her laziness, I just thought it would be useful information.
Bit isn't the solution for the laziness. You should have a look at some exercises like eg direct transitions (from stand to trot etc) to make her more sensitive to your leg aid so she moves forward.
I use a loose ring oval mouth or French link. It is a nice soft bit that encourages the horse to move into the contact. I prefer a sweeter metal like brass or copper. I like loose rings because they are very basic, nothing too complicated, and are also very effective. We use them for flatting and for jump.
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