My mare limps easily when working on hard ground. Looking for ways to help her daily aside from keeping her out of work? What exercises can I do apart from doing nothing?

You should see your veterinary as soon as possible. Horse limping can be caused by health problems and injuries that cannot be seen with a naked eye.

If there is an injury that causes horse lameness, one of the best results in its treatment can be achieved by the use of stem cells in injured place as soon as possible. The fresher the injury is, the better are the results of stem cell therapy.

Consult your veterinary about this case, and, if stem cell therapy is appropriate for your case, you or your veterinary can contact us, and we will provide you the necessary treatment injection. Usually, it is enough with one stem cell treatment injection, and the first results can be seen after two weeks. The treatment will also reduce the pain for your horse and improve its mobility (decrease lameness).
Have you gotten a physio out to check her?
Sounds like she’s mildly lame somewhere, I’d be finding out where and why she’s limping on harder ground and fixing the issue before continuing work
@maddieomeara @staceykearns @caoimhesweeney oops I should refraze that. The ground has gone extremely hard from it being summer and she has a mild stiffness, lag in her hind leg, we migth consider shoeing her at this stage hopefully, she was not lame when the ground was soft its started developing as soon as the ground went hard, it happened a month ago then went away and it appeared again. I went out last night and tried the method of espsom salt and a towel ten minutes over her back end and hocks as apparently it should release tension and she was better today but not fully sound. Prior to previous injuries I had only heard from previous owners that she apparently slipped down hill at one point which hurt her hip but that was before 2012. Hopefully we will have chiro,farrier and saddle fitters soon.
Is she shod or does she have any heat in the legs.. Any old injuries?
Is she shod? Maybe if you even just put front shoes and see how she goes or you could put all 4 and it should lift her feet a bit off the hard ground. Make sure she's up to date with shoeing with a good farrier
Maybe the lameness is physical, try checking with the vet, mine needed a supplement for his articulations
Is she lame on soft ground too? Is it her feet that's the reason for the lameness, or an injury higher up? It's tricky to give exercises without knowing the cause of the lameness because they may make it worse
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