What can you use tendon boots for as I found a website that says they should only be used for jumping ?

They can be used for cross country and jumping. But anything that may involve your horse legs being knocked or brushed. Like lunging because they can fall out or stumble x
@ellenmolin are the ones you use front or back tendon boots
I just started getting into jumping and now I’m starting to get more into speed shows for western so I’m using tendon boots whenever I ride or work with my mare so we can get use to something on her legs during English and western riding
I use tendon boots for lunging because if they rush then it protects them from brushing themselves. I use it instead of brushing boots because those are the only ones I have. They are perfectly fine though.
Tendons boots were designed for jumping however it's not like u can't be using them for anything else.
Because only the tendon and the back of the horse's leg is covered, during jumping the horse can feel the obstacle when above it so the horse knows how high it should puck his legs up. It wouldn't know that for eg with brushing boots.
I use tendon boots every ride on my pony, whether it’s jumping, flatting or hacking. I don’t really see a reason why they should only be used for jumping:)
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