Anybody know if it would be worth while sending a 4 years old of for professional schooling if she bucks rears and bolts or will that most likely never change anybody have recommendations?

Those problems are definitely fix able but as said in the other comments just make sure it is not pain related first. Also if you send her off to a professional keep in mind that you want to understand how the person is fixing these bad behaviors so you can accommodate to how she has been trained when she comes back, because most horses will revert back to there old behaviors if the rider does not change how they work with the horse.
The right person should help. However, as Dani said, get the horse's back, tack and teeth checked first as pain is often the first cause of bad behaviour.
You can absolutely bring a horse around from that. I would probably get her checked out first to make sure it's nothing pain related.
It will definitely help if you get the right pro.
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