I'm in search of a new half pad for my mare. What would be my best option? I was considering an Ecogold or Mattes. Recommendations?

I love my Oglivy half pad. It’s done wonders for my horses and I. Also it’s customizable and super easy to wash due to the fact that you can take the memory foam insert things. I would 100% recommend it.
I prefer fleece or gel halfpads. The problem with memory foam is they squish but the don't really absorb any shock. They also tend to be really thick so it takes away the close feel and can cause saddles sit weird. Since you're already considering mattes I would go with that bc sheepskin is great for shock absorption and heat dissipation.
I would recommend Oglivy, it’s great for you and your horse!
I have a LeMieux pro sorb one! I really like it and it’s not too expensive!
I recommend Winderen half pad. Its really shock aborbing pad who was recommend by vet when my horse had back problems. Oh, and also look nice :D
I have a mattes half pad that I love! They are expensive but they are very good quality and last for a long time
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