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How to stop getting super anxious and over thinking things when i'm riding?

How to stop getting super anxious and over thinking things when i'm riding?
I’m only new to riding and I was really anxious to start cantering and while I was cantering what I did to calm myself down was I thought about what I had to do next my technique and how. I could improve what I was doing I just repeated what I needed to do if I was alone I would say it out loud if there was company I would say it in my head but it really worked and improved my riding at the same time
I suffer with anxiety normally and when I first started riding my new mare my anxiety was always really bad since i didn’t know her as well as I knew my old horse so if u spend a lot of time with your horse and find a real connection with her/him then the anxiousness will tend to go away I spend as much time as possible with my horse working on the ground and riding her my anxiety with her has left and I trust my horse with my life so it’s all about getting a nice connection with the horse and remember your horse can sense when u are scared or nervous which tends to make them nervous Bc they don’t understand why u are nervous idk if this made sense or helped u out at all but I hope it did lol
I suffer anxiety normally and thankfully now im seeking help its calmed down. But i found chewing chewing gum while riding on bad days was a good help also a portable speaker and play back ground music. (Win win horse gets used to different noises when riding and it takes your mind off being anxious if your listening to the music and not focussing on what could go wrong). Hope this helps 😊
I think what might help you is to just trust your horse, if you have a strong bond and trust eachother you can learn together, there is lots of scary things when riding a horse, but take it slow and trust that you can do it and believe in yourself and the partnership between you and the horse and it will overcome your anxiety.
Hope this helps 😊
I agree with Sydney haha I remember I was nervous during jumping session and when I was approaching the fence my instructor suddenly shouted to me "sing your favourite song!!" then I was like, what? And it actually took my mind of stress and I jumped without a problem haha

Also I once had a bad injury and after that I lost confidence in riding bcos I was so stressed I'm going to fall off and something is going to happen to me again. I just rode nice easy going horses I knew and trusted until I felt confident enough to ride other more "extreme" horses.
I'm not sure if you've got your own horse if you do then you could focus on ground work and build more trust in your horse and make a strong bond. 😉☺
I know it's weird, but it helps to sing out loud. It pulls your mind away and keeps it from over thinking things.