What does on the forehand mean? And are the hind Quaters simply the back legs? Two simple questions I've never actually known the answers to 😂

On the forehand is when they are putting all their weight on their front legs woh their hind legs trailing out behind them — you don’t want this
Aren’t the hind quarters muscles that are used to help the horse get a good stride? Tbs have very strong hind quarters!
The hind quarters is the butt
The hindquarters are the entire hindlimbs, including rump and all those big muscles. On the forehand means the horse is not using its hindlegs for power, which it should be. It is instead putting its weight to the front, which makes both power and jumping less effective. The hindquarters are like the engine. They should be used to push the horse up and forward for maximum strength, power, effectiveness, and even health. What ends up happening a lot is that the horse shifts its weight to the front, pulling itself along and draggings its hind legs behind it. That's on the forehand.
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