I know regular silver stirrup irons are ideal for hunters, but are black irons acceptable? Could i get docked or something for using them?

you can use them, but some judges will be a little biased against them... George Morris would be too😂
They are legal but ideally you should use a traditional Phyllis iron. It is only in equitation that it is illegal to use anything other than a traditional stainless steel stirrup iron. (as told to me by my SJ coach who is an FEI “R” judge)
I would say go with regular silver irons. Some shows allow it but most of them don't. read the rule book for your show to get more info. And yes you can get docked for it
mainly depends on the judge. say they have 2 horses tied for first place, the judge will look at every little thing & those could be a deal breaker if they are a traditional judge.
They are fine, I have friends that ride with them
Black are fine as long as your not doing equitation.
Black are fine! But they are illegal for equitaion classes!
I have the silver ones I love them but I'm not currently showing so I'm not sure 🤷🏽‍♀️
I think you’ll be okay but just be aware and make sure they are good quality, not like jumper stirrups!:)
They are fine in hunters you just can’t use them in equitation
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