Should you put bedding in the trailer when your horse is traveling or not?

We put shavings down but only to absorb pee and poop
A long distance journey would be 4 hours and over and they should be let out of the horse box
Yes, because it helps to absorb the urine, but I would recommend using large flake shavings or putting a fly mask on the horse so that pieces of the bedding don't fly up and irritate their eyes.
I don’t for my horse but if your horse is likely to pee in there, travelling for long distances or with other horses I would :)
Absolutely long and short distances so they don’t blow out there legs!
Yes I think so for absorbing urine especially if your trailer has a wooden floor
Yes! It would be more comfortable for their hooves and legs
@tylerleighjefferies What is considered long distance? I really have no experience in trailering.
All depends really, I would on longer distances
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