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My grey mare has a disgusting tail. It is extremely cold where I live so I can’t wash it with water. Does anyone know of a good way to clean her tail?

My grey mare has a disgusting tail. It is extremely cold where I live so I can’t wash it with water. Does anyone know of a good way to clean her tail?
Lucky Braids brand whitening spray! It’s an enzyme cleaning spray and works wonderfully. The shampoo is awesome as well!! Look them up online and read about the products. Worth every penny in my mind. Google Lucky Braids for Top Turnout.
I don't have a grey, but my chestnut often has this problem. It gets quite cold here so I've adopted some useful methods I am willing to share.

First, gather up all your tail. Then, slowly, begin picking very small sections to get all the knots out. Do this until the entire tail is knot-free. Finally, starting from the bottom of the tail, GENTLY brush the ends, rising upward as you go.

If there is any major staining, use SOME Cowboy Magic on your hands afterward and gently go through the tail. Too much Cowboy Magic means added silicone into the hair which makes everything more difficult. This also damages and suffocates the hair itself.

If possible, you could use warm water when washing the tail and dry it with a towel afterward? I have never done this, but I hear it is a popular method of tail cleaning during particularly cold winters.

If you know how to plait correctly, that would be a good idea. However, do not leave it in for extended periods of time as the horse will start rubbing her bum on things to itch and end up damaging the tail.

Hope this could help!
Lol. No worries Mia. If I could use water I wouldn't even ask.

Imagine 40 to 50 degrees below zero. Trust me. There's no dunking tails and using shampoo. This is why we usually have to wait for warm weather.
Sorry Marcie i didn't fully elaborate. I clean his tail by using Silver shampoo first which gets rid of all the stains and brings out the white and then proceed to put it in the tail bag wet. It is also cold where i live but i just boil some water and mix with cold.
This happens to me too with my grey. I dunk her tail in some warm soapy water & rinse. When dry and detangled I do a simple three strand braid. It keeps the manure, mud and other gross things out!
Mia the tail bag is a good solution to keeping a tail clean. But how can you get a tail clean and not use water??
I use a tail bag. You simply just plait the tail and stick the bag on and can keep it on for weeks! they are amazing!
Me too! It was -50 last week and my grey mares tail is so dirty. I was asking myself the same question. Dunking her tail in a bucket of water is not an option as either her tail or my hands would freeze and break off! Lol.

How to clean a tail in severe cold weather??
Just dunk it in a bucket to clean because it’s not gonna make them cold, and you could always use a tail bag to keep it clean? :))
Even if it’s cold there’s no problem washing a tail
Cowboy magic and show sheen and just keep brushing it out
If your horse is supper quiet you can dunk it in a bucket of warm water to wash it out, then dry it quickly with a hairdryer on the heat setting. Unfortunately most horses freak out at the sound it makes.
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Use Show Sheen and brush it out and make sure it’s smooth, and then add baby powder. If it’s stanned apply a little water to the brush little bits at a time and that usually works!:)
Hiya I have a similar problem,, I just dampen the tail then add baby powder to it ☺️
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