Best hair net brands and best ways to put all your hair in your helmet? :)

LOVE my no knot hair net
Really women ride hairsnets
I also use the No Knots. They take a little getting used to, but I love the way the hair is able to kind of spread out rather than being in a lump of pony tail. More comfortable and more stable under the helmet. I know they are quite thick, and therefore visible, but get the closest color for your natural hair (they have about 5 colors to choose from) and realize that with your helmet on, they are not that visible from across the ring. Besides, everyone wears a hair net (or should, lol) so it is not a big deal if it is a little visible.
I use the RWR no knot hair nets, I used the regular ones before and since I switched I have never looked back I can put my hair in a hairnet in 10 seconds ! But make sure when you buy a helmet you put a hair net on to make sure you have the right fit .
Watch this! Jessica Springsteen has the best way.
@teamgpa thank you! But I am sure my helmet is the correct size. I have had my head measured and they recommended me to buy a 57 (without the hair in the helmet) so I tried a 58 and 59 and my hair wouldn’t fit so bought a 60 and this one is perfect but I just get a headache from my hair elastic
Hello, The most important is to choose the right size of your helmet , il you put all your hair in your helmet, try an helmet like this and never change your habit, because the right size for a helmet is a question of safety.
I️ use the ones that have holes in both ends!
@jamesgoodyear thanks but I already tried this and it doesn’t work for me
I use the no knot hair net. It is really simple and doesnt require a hair tie. simplly scrunch the hairnet up and put it around your neck. then take one end of the hairnet (the piece without elastic) and pull it up over your face and back until the elastic piece on the other end meets your hairline. Pull the end of the no elastic side up and stuff the rest if your hair in and place your “Tube of hair” if you will on top of your head. Place your helmet on by starting from the back and rolling it on towards the front
@bridgettate thank you!! But I wear all my hair in my helmet :) so looking for a way to put it all in without it hurting. Love my no knot hairnet it works the best for me, but it’s so visible under my helmet.
1) put hair in low pony tail.
2) put bun at top of pony tail and pull all hair through.
3) put band round the bun (and spread pony tail evenly round the bun).
4) add the hairnet on top.
Hope this helps! There are videos on YouTube to help ☺️
Hi Gail, I use Donna Diva Equestrian for my hair supplies. 10% off with the code ‘Bridget10’
Hey Gail! I use these ones called “Hair Net” and I like them.

Hope this helps!!
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