If you had a choice, would you rather go to a boarding school with your horse or stay in a Normal school and keep your horse at a barn?

Normal school w my horse at a barn
Definitely boarding school. I go to an Dutch college where you can bring your own horse and it's so much fun being surrounded by people who share your interest. And you can visit your family when ever you get homesick.
Hope that helps.
Boarding school
Boarding school definitely
For me personally, I would stay at a normal school and keep my horse at a barn. I can also walk to the barn from the school, so that influences my decision. If the barn is far away from your school or house and you can’t visit often or you just can’t find enough time, then I would consider boarding school.
It all depends on your view on boarding schools. I’d rather go to a normal school and keep my horse at a barn. Just keep in mind that at a boarding school, your grades and your horse are top priority, and you must be able to balance the two together
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