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My horse bucked me off and now I am very scared to ride; do you have any tips on getting rid of that fear?

My horse bucked me off and now I am very scared to ride; do you have any tips on getting rid of that fear?
Start slow with getting comfortable at a walk. Then a trot. Work on these until you can build up trust and confidence when riding your horse. Remember that you’re the boss and your horse has to do what you say. If he wants to go faster, make him go slower - so he will realise that he will have to do what you say eventually. Also instead of jumping straight into getting back into doing cantering and jumping and stuff like that, just hang out in the paddock/stable with him/her and enjoy it. A great way of doing this would be grooming your horse and giving him lots of attention. Hope this helps!! 👍😀🐴🐴
Tell your trainer and book a couple of extra lessons. Your trainer can see when you are getting tense, and help you relax again. Also a trainer will keep you so busy you don't have time to over think! Try to think of the reason your horse bucked you off. Was it too much energy, not willing to do the exercise you asked, pain, or did it spook at something?
One of my horses did that to so what I recommend is that if you’re scared than your horse will know your scared so he might do that. Get back on and be confident. Hope it helps🐎👍😜
i am no stranger to letting fears get the best of me, sometimes you just gotta do it. don’t overthink everything. ( often when i have those issues it’s because mentally i’m holding myself back.)
the longer you wait to try again the more it’ll get to your head. if you need to start small then do that, any progress, even the small, should be celebrated.
Don’t let it scare you. Get back on ASAP
That happened to me when I started and I just had to chase after her and get back on. Often the horse will know they did something wrong. It happens to everyone. It's okay they are animals:)
I’d say do t think about it just get back on and enjoy spending time with your horse, just also keep keep in mind that your horse didn’t mean to throw you off and your bond will always be there! But yes definitely get straight back on the horse it may be sceary but that’s the only way to overcome your fear 😉 hopes that helped
My best advice is just get back on straight away if you get off your horse might outsmart you and if you leave it further the more scared you will get. Did you tell the horse off?