Would you recommend having a separate helmet for competitions? Or just one for both everyday riding and competing?

I have 2 competition ones and 2 every day ones but I ride a lot and I have 2 different competition jackets depending on the level I compete at. It is completely up to you if your every day hat is good then just use that if you want to save money ☺️
Hey Jet! I think that you should just get one helmet but make sure it’s clean. I have a samshield and I use it for schooling and showing. If you have a shadowmatt helmet or just any matte helmet I would recommend cleaning it with water! Hope this helps!
If your everyday riding helmet is in good condition and looks good, I don’t see why you would need 2. If your everyday riding helmet has noticeable scratches on it then you could either get a new helmet for competitions or you could use a helmet cover (idk if you can use helmet covers at every show, or if hunter/jumper shows have a rule against it)
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