Ask Cedric Triolet : do you have any trainings tips for a horse that jigs while hacking? (Saddle, bridle and horse are checked by professionals)
What can I do for him to relax?

Ok I will try that. Thanks a lot😁
Ok got it :)

You can try 2 things who can help him to relax a bit more , the noise cancelation in his ears and the side blinders on his bridle , with a limited view and a limited earing , he may get less excited on your hacks :)

I am not sure but I think it's called "caracoles" in France if this helps?!
Of course. He is an normally relaxed horse but when we go for a ride in the forest he loses his calmness. He is not out of control but it is like is dancing an doing piaff all along the way.

I'm so sorry, my English is limited and I don't understand what you mean by: jigs while hacking, can you explain me a bit more with other words, please ?
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