Ask @cedricshowjumping : At 27 years old, I started to ride and my goal became to be a professional rider. Now I have my first jumping horse. Can you give me special advices?

Yes, it's a great decision an experienced horse.

Typical week should be :
6 days work 1 day off
First day : flat work
2nd day : poles on the ground work
3rd day :simple small jumping exercises
4th day: poles on the ground work
5th day :jumping course or half course
6th day : flat/ poles on the ground

I have not yet been in poles, I'm starting to jump now. My first jump was 0.80 cm and it went pretty well. The horse also helped, is an old school that was a grand prix horse (is 18 years old) Name: Lyre des Ajoncs. To start I think it was the best option, it will help me a lot on the course. How should I schedule the workouts during the week?
Well Joao,

First of all congratulation on your new horse :)
Then I'm happy to see you confident and setting high goals, as you want to be a professional rider, I would advise you a lot of flat work, to get a professional to guide you, and to ride a lot of different horses to get use to different kind of horses, to work a lot on poles on the ground to work your distances and your rythm between fences, what is your level right now ?
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