Ask Cedric Triolet : How to get a more lively canter when preparing for jumping?

Hello Teagan !

I would recommand a lot of pole on the ground exercises with a little long distances to make your horse cover his strides contract by keeping a active 350, if your canter is more a 325 , you will do a extra stride and will realise that the rythm is not enough. And you will do it again faster until you get your correct stride.

Another exercise, you can so is 3 poles on the ground at 3m each, if your on the correct 350 m/min he won't touch a pole and will do easy strides in, if under 350 the distance will be long and you he will touch the poles , that will make you react to move him more .
A use of dressage whip to reforce your legs and or spurs will also always help ;)

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